Best Near Downtown Neighborhoods In San Antonio

by daitken

We are often asked, what are the best neighborhoods in San Antonio.  And more than ever, people are asking about the neighborhoods near downtown.  The reasons are many.  People want to have shorter commutes, they want to take advantage of all the restaurants, arts and public areas that are near the city center, and they just want to be where the action is.  Some of these areas have a long history of being in high demand, like Alamo Heights or King Williams.  Others are older neighborhoods that have gone through a decline and are now on their way up.  And boy are they moving up.  Some of these areas have seen a massive influx of renewal and the prices of these neighborhoods are growing at a huge rate.  Here are our picks for the best near downtown neighborhoods in San Antonio. From Dignowity to Alamo Heights and more, here is our Top Ten.


Published on 2019-03-28 15:19:22