Almost Back to School Time!

by daitken

School is Fast Approaching!

The end of July marks the peak of summer for those still in school, and it wont be long until you start to see crowds of shoppers at your local store hunting for school supplies. But this time isn’t just important for just those in school. This time of year is also important for those on the hunt for a home before the new school year starts! The summer months are peak season for real estate, as many choose this time of year to change out of their previous homes or relocate to a different part of town. The final months of summer are the most crucial as well, as most families that choose to move are frantic to find a new home before school starts again. The reason for this is because for parents looking to relocate, a lot more goes into a decision on a home. School districts, schools and distance from existing jobs or new jobs in the area leave a lot for the new home buyer to debate on. Not to mention resettling can lead to vast amount of stress.

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Published on 2017-07-21 10:56:42