Want to know what your home is worth?

BestSAHomes can run an advanced Comparative Market Analysis that will estimate what your home should sell for if it were on the market. Give us your home details and we will send you a report showing what has sold in your neighborhood and for how much.

What is a (CMA) comparative market analysis?

A Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) is an evaluation of similar, recently sold homes (called comparables or comps) that are near a home or homes that you want to buy or sell. Our real estate team performs a CMA report to establish and find a fair price range for the home the report is created for.  The price range from the CMA can then be used as a guide for establishing a listing price.

Performing a CMA involves finding the right homes that are similar to the home under consideration, and creating an in-depth comparison of its size, age, location, and features.  It all comes down to one question: compared to other, comparable homes in this area, how much is this home worth? Answering that question involves looking at a fair amount of data on other homes in the current market.

Home Value vs. CMA

Below, you can enter your address and get a quick look at a rough estimate of your homes value.  But that is not a CMA.  A CMA report is much more in-depth and more accurate.  To get the most accurate estimate of your homes projected sales price, call the BestSAHomes Real Estate Team and give us the details on your home including upgrades you may have done that make your home unique.  Reach us anytime at 210-999-0097.